I Am Dublin
아이 엠 더블린
  • 공존의 삶
Synopsis The film portrays Ahmed who is a Dublin-case. He gets a role in a fiction film playing a character in the same situation. Ahmed has been in Europe for six years, three years in hiding in Sweden. When he arrived by boat to the Italian island Lampedusa, he was forced to leave his fingerprints. The Dublin Regulation decides that he can only apply for asylum in Italy as his arrival country. The Dublin Regulation has created a large group of young people drifting around Europe.
David ARONOWITSCH, Ahmed ABDULLAHI, Shar 다비드 아로노비치, 아메드 압둘라히, 샤막 비뉴수프, 안나 페르손
David ARONOWITSCH, Ahmed ABDULLAHI, Sharmarke BINYUSUF and Anna PERSSON worked together making the short narrative film Dublin, covering the same subject as their documentary, I Am Dublin. They are all part of the team at Swedish production company Story AB, which produces long and short documentaries for Swedish television and private clients, sometimes working with the Swedish Film Institute.
Director David ARONOWITSCH, Ahmed ABDULLAHI, Shar
Country Sweden
Year 2015
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule