Hunger for Profit
풍요의 빈곤
  • 기후 변화와 미래 - 왜 우리는 빈곤한가?
Synopsis On one side of the world American star investor Jim ROGERS arrives at his elegant offices and explains how large investments and movements of money affect prices. On the other side of the world market vendors in Kenya feel the effects. Prices on global exchanges for maize and wheat have tripled in the last 5 years. Maize has been the best-performing investment since the financial crisis began. Global returns rose in the last 5 years by: 55% for oil; 144% for gold; 146% for maize. How can so much money be made from food speculation and a billion people still go hungry in the world?
Caroline NOKEL, Valentin THURN 캐롤라인 노켈, 발렌틴 투른
Caroline NOKEL works as an author and journalist for the German public radio and television. Her works focus on political issues. She recently works on a project about Muslim feminists. Valentin THURN is author of more than 40 TV Documentaries and reports on social development-, environmental- and educational issues.
Director Caroline NOKEL, Valentin THURN
Country Kenya
Year 2012
Running Time 4'54"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule