Hsu Ji Behind the Screen
슈지의 환상여행
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Hsu Ji, 6 years old, forgot again that when the police are parked in front of her school, she must meet up with her dad somewhere else. No more school! Their old landlady is teaching her class of an old sewing machine. Alone Hsu Ji, staves off her boredom by watching old slapstick movies until one of the characters ends up in the real world... They have so much in common: for starters, they don’t have their papers either.고단한 삶과 고통을 위무하는 영화.
Thomas RIO 토마스 리오
He was born in 1977 when punk music was exploding, Thomas RIO‘s childhood is more low key. After literary studies in Paris, and studies at the Parisian Film school’s La Femis, he directs 3 short films.
Director Thomas RIO
Country France
Year 2012
Running Time 24min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule