Hooligan Sparrow
훌리건 스패로우
  • 공존의 삶
Synopsis Traversing southern China, a group of activists led by Ye HAIYAN (AKA Sparrow) protest a scandalous incident where a school principal and a government official allegedly raped six school girls. Sparrow becomes an enemy of the state, but detentions, interrogations, and evictions can’t stop her protest from going viral.
WANG Nanfu 왕난푸
WANG Nanfu is an independent filmmaker based in New York City. WANG was born in a remote farming village in Jiangxi Province, China. Hooligan Sparrow is WANG’s feature debut. She is a recipient of the Sundance Documentary Fund and Bertha Britdoc Journalism Fund, and a Sundance and IFP supported filmmaker.
Director WANG Nanfu
Country China, USA
Year 2016
Running Time 84min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule