• 그린파노라마-오래된 미래
Synopsis Jiro packs salad for convenience-stores in a factory in Tokyo. Jiro was born in a small town in Fukushima. Ever since dropping out of high school, Jiro has never returned to home. Jiro's brother Soichi has been struggling to protect his home since he took over his deceased father’s farm land. Soichi is jealous and afraid of Jiro’s sharpness and talent for agriculture that their father has recognized. After 3.11, Soichi’s fear becomes bigger and bigger. He’s gradually worn out both physically and mentally. Jiro has a strange feeling. He misses mountains and sky in his home town so badly. The town covered with radiation is calling him. No one is living in that town now. Then he decides to go back to home.
KUBOTA Nao 쿠보타 나오
Started his career as a TV director in 1987, he mainly engaged in making documentary programs. He had directed more than 100 TV programs and video works. In 2007 he received TRAIBLAZER award at the MIPDOC (Cannes, France). There he was also selected as one of the eight great TV documentalists.
Director KUBOTA Nao
Country Japan
Year 2014
Running Time 118min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule