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홈 터프
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis Following a band of turf cutters from North Kerry throughout the cutting season from April toSeptember, the film gives insight into a way of life that will soon be forgotten. The men come to the bog to cut turf that they use as fuel for the winter. They come also to reconvene after the long winter and catch up on news and banter… they tell funny stories and sad tales. The film captures the sense of community that they feel and that will die with them.
Ross WHITAKER 로스 휘태커
Ross WHITAKER’s first feature film, the self-funded Saviours, was selected for theatrical release in Ireland and acclaimed as “Best Irish film of 2008” and more recently as one of the “100 Best Irish Films of All Time”. His next film, When Ali Came to Ireland, was also well received and won awards at Ireland Academy.
Director Ross WHITAKER
Country Ireland
Year 2011
Running Time 14'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule