Home Sweet Home
스위트 홈
  • Our Home, Trash Land
Synopsis An old lady, suffering from the squirrel syndrome, accumulates at her home boxes filled with memories; she lives with a colony of cockroaches, which became her friends. Her granddaughter, who she is very dear to, visits her every Wednesday and she invents, with these accumulated treasures, wonderful stories. But the little girl grows bigger and space starts running out in the house cluttered with cardboard boxes
Chaïtane CONVERSAT 샤이탄 콩베르사
She has worked as stop motion and cut-out animator at Folimage Studio on a regular basis since 2002. She has also managed animation filmmaking workshops with various structures since 1996.
Director Chaïtane CONVERSAT
Country France, Switzerland
Year 2018
Running Time 13min
Genre Animation
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Tel(+33) 475 784 868