• 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis The film is about a herdsman who lives in Garni, quite lonely not only in his village but in the whole world, rejected by the villagers and his own family. If it is weird to the villagers, it is quite normal for Vardan to speak to his goats in human language, calling them by human names. Vardan Says goats are like children for him. "Hey..." that's how he's calling out for them. So the film features someone who has preferred to live in harmony with his goats and the nature.
Garni Sunchiln Eco-Club 가르니 '선차일드' 에코 클럽: 조리 페트로시얀, 스베타 하코비얀 외
Director Garni Sunchiln Eco-Club
Country Armenia
Year 2009
Running Time 15'53"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule