• 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis In 1999, King Jigme Singye WANGCHUCK made his landmark proclamation approving the use of TV and the Internet in the nation of Bhutan promising to usher in a new modern era. Over a decade later, the remote mountainside village of Laya is still without electricity. Peyangki, a dreamy and solitary nine-year old monk living in a remote mountainside village yearns for the world to come to him in the form of a flickering television screen. Between studying and prayer, he watches as his world is encroached upon by electrical cables and roads.
Thomas BALMÈS 토마스 발메스
He is an independent documentary director and producer. He brings us to people, places and situations of contrast which reveal our society from different and completely new angles, the Bosnia war seen from the side of Maasai warriors the mad cow crisis as seen from the Indian perspective, a Papuan tribe being converted to Christianity, childhood seen from all around the planet, questioning what connects us all as human beings.
Director Thomas BALMÈS
Country Finland, France
Year 2013
Running Time 81min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule