• 기후변화와 미래
Synopsis In the blistering heat of the Sudanese desert, an 8-year old Darfurian girl, her pregnant mother, and her younger brother are on the search for water and safety. When Haleema’s brother is too weak to continue, her mother sends the girl to find water. Not only does she have to face a harsh environment, but she must also confront the fear of being discovered by the ruthless Janjaweed, a brutal militia who kills and tortures people in the region. But the brave girl grabs a canister and hurries to find the water.
Boris SCHAARSCHMIDT 보리스 샤르슈미트
Boris SCHAARSCHMIDT has written, produced, and directed 15 highly successful short films, receiving numerous awards with several earning DVD distribution and widespread screenings on the international festival circuit. Boris is currently directing a series of webisodes called Ernie’s Girls, while finalizing the script for his first feature length film Der Heimkehrer.
Country Germany
Year 2012
Running Time 17’30"
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule