Hadwin's Judgement
해드윈의 선택
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis A spellbinding account of environmentalism, obsession, and myth, Hadwinʼs Judgement chronicles BC logging engineer and survivalist Grant Hadwin’s resolute struggle to reconcile what he regarded as an egregious affront—not just to the land, but to humanity as well. Witnessing the devastation wrought by clear-cutting on the last great temperate rainforest drove him to commit a desperate and illegal act. His crusade ends in a tragic mystery and prophetic warning.
Sasha SNOW 사샤 스노우
Sasha SNOW is an award-winning filmmaker whose work interweaves documentary elements and dramatic reconstruction. In 2006, he completed Conflict Tiger, an environmental thriller that examines poaching and the hunt for a ‘man-eating’ tiger in the forests of Siberia. The film won eight grand prizes and was nominated for the Wildscreen One Planet Award. In 2010, Sasha received the Environmental Filmmaker of the Decade Award at the Green Planet Movie Awards. Hadwin’s Judgement is his latest film.
Director Sasha SNOW
Country Canada, UK
Year 2015
Running Time 86min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule