Ha Dong Chae Bok: A Song of Two Humans
하동채복: 두 사람의 노래
  • 한국경쟁
Synopsis Hadong and Chaebok flee to the countryside and build their own house, living there as an old aged couple. The film quietly follows the couple’s daily routine. Crops grow outside as sunlight shines in through the ceiling window; even the change in the seasons can be read from here. And the couple’s old letters weave together human time with the cycle of nature.
NAM Seungsuk 남승석
Since 2003, he is working on a Nomadic project making movies in five cities, five continents like the atlas, namely cinematic cartography. So far he has directed three feature films; Nina (Paris, 80 minutes, 2005-2010), Kiki+Godot (Chicago, 65 minutes, 2003-2009), Jeehye (Seoul & Paris, 90 minutes, 2006-2010).
Director NAM Seungsuk
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 102min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule