H2O 멕시코
  • 중남미 환경영화특별전
Synopsis Can a mega-city mobilize itsʼ 22 million citizens to become water sustainable? This documentary highlights the numerous aspects of the region’s water problem, many of which stem from the fact that Mexico City was built in the middle of a series of ancient lakes. The Spanish colonists fought against nature, building massive drainage systems and importing fresh water from elsewhere; these same outdated tactics are currently in use today. Unfortunately, continuing land subsidence and the lack of a natural drainage outlet make the area vulnerable to destructive flooding as water flows from the mountainside. In addition once sewage water leaves the city it ends up in agriculture. This environmental case study of the Valley of Mexico as it struggles to save itself while its population grows, finds a hope in educated populace by showing the work of Isla Urbana, an organization founded by industrial designer Enrique LOMNITZ and civil engineer David VARGAS to harvest rainwater. The beautifully shot cityscape along with graphics makes film even more appealing and convincing.
José COHEN, Lorenzo HAGERMAN 호세 코엔, 로렌조 하게르만 José COHEN, Lorenzo HAGERMAN
José COHEN is the founder and Executive Producer of Cactus Film & Video, the Mexico City-based production house that recently launched H2O MX. José started in the news business over 20 years ago José and the Cactus team are proud to present H2O MX. Lorenzo HAGERMAN started his career as still photographer. His recent work as cinematographer includes Amat ESCALANTE’s Cannes 2013 Best Director Award HELI, Silver Frog for best Camera Image and Best Cinematography in the Stockholm International Film Festival.
Director José COHEN, Lorenzo HAGERMAN
Country Mexico
Year 2013
Running Time 55min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule