• The End of Natural Resources
  • TV Special
Synopsis When Dian was six years old, she heard a deep rumble and turned to see a tsunami of mud barreling towards her Indonesian village. 60,000 people are still displaced. The majority of international scientists believe that Lapindo struck an underground mud volcano, unleashing a violent flow of hot sludge from the earth’s depths. Dian’s community fights against the corporate powers accused of one of the largest environmental disasters in recent history.
Cynthia WADE 신시아 웨이드
Cynthia WADE is an Oscar-winning director known for Freeheld (2007), Born Sweet (2010), and Mondays at Racine (2012).
Sasha FRIEDLANDER 사샤 프리들랜더
Sasha FRIEDLANDER directed feature documentary Where Heaven Meets Hell (2013) which won numerous prizes.
Director Cynthia WADE, Sasha FRIEDLANDER
Country USA, Indonesia, Denmark
Year 2018
Running Time 81min
Genre Documentary
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NameJourneyman Pictures
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