Green Ninja: For Goodness Rake
그린 닌자: 낙엽 쓸기
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Larry learns a lesson on landscaping, when the Green Ninja intervenes and blows the whistle on leaf blowers.추가 : A man gets a new gas powered leaf blower and is eager to try it out. He spots a small leaf and start the blower, but the blower goes out of control and starts to cause some issues. The Green Ninja comes to the rescue and proposes a solution. 

David Chai, Emily Chen 데이빗 차, 에밀리 첸
David CHAI is a professor of animation at San Jose State University and a proud Korean-American. Emily CHEN is a graduating senior from San Jose State University, pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation and Illustration. Her living experiences in both America and Taiwan highly influenced her to animate.
Director David Chai, Emily Chen
Country USA
Year 2012
Running Time 3'
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule