• 문명의 저편
Synopsis An apocalyptic world. A devastated city. One last survivor. Edgar has learned to survive on his own avoiding contaminated areas by the ‘incident’ which destroyed life. But Edgar’s routine is suddenly disrupted by the discovery of a wall with graffiti is by his bed. Just one word reveals the presence of another survivor: ‘Anna’
Lluis QUILEZ 루이스 퀼레즈
Lluis QUILEZ was born in Barcelona and graduated in filmmaking at ESCAC. He earned more than 100 awards with his previous short-films El Siguiente, Avatar and Yanindara (Oscar short-listed). Lluis QUILEZ combines his film career with commercials alongside teaching: delivering lectures on film direction at the prestigious film school ESCAC.
Director Lluis QUILEZ
Country Spain
Year 2015
Running Time 33min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule