Gorals Don’t Ride Cable Cars
설악, 산양의 땅 사람들
  • Special Screening - In the Memory of LEE Kang-gil
Synopsis Why are the chaebols and powerful politicians pushing for the revival of the controversial cable car project in Mt. Seorak in eastern Korea? Environmentalists thought they had won the fight after the 2017 candlelit protests and impeachment, but the fight was far from over. The documentary raises questions about the democratic processes in Korea as well as its environment.
LEE Kang-gil 이강길
LEE Kang-gil has made several documentaries especially in the field of environment, human rights, and peace. Since 2000, he filmed people who oppose the Saemangeum reclamation project for 8 years in Buan, making three feature documentaries into a series of “To Live (As Fishermen),” which was screened in many film festivals to win awards. His other works include Sweet Nuke (2010) and Little Pond in Main Street (2014), both screened at the Busan Film Festival, and Gorals Don’t Ride Cable Cars (2019) which premiered at the Jeonju Film Festival.
Director LEE Kang-gil
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 103min
Genre Documentary
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NameMetaplay (Film Production & Distribution)
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