• 기후변화와 미래 Plus - 주사위놀이: 유기농과 GMO
Synopsis In contrast to North America’s silent and almost disinterested acceptance of the most significant alteration of food in the history of the world, the film looks at the defiance of peasant farmers from Haiti, who marched in the streets in protest of Monsanto’s “gift” of seeds to Haiti after the devastating earthquake. In spite of their poverty and hunger, the peasants committed themselves to burning the seeds. Why do many developed nations in Europe and around the world ban, burn and protest vehemently against the introduction of GMO crops? Why aren’t people in North America, where these corporations reside and where these genetically-modified crops are being patented and developed, marching in the streets to protest the take over and contamination of our food supply?
Jeremy Seifert 제레미 세이퍼트
Jeremy SEIFERT completed his debut film DIVE! and went on to win 22 film festivals worldwide. In 2010, he began the production company, Compeller Pictures. He is now a filmmaker and activist, traveling the country and speaking on humanitarian and environmental issues.
Director Jeremy Seifert
Country USA
Year 2013
Running Time 92'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule