Global Warning
지구의 경고
  • 그린파노라마-Action4Climate
Synopsis A documentary about the super typhoon Yolanda - Haiyan which hit the Philippines on Nov 8th 2013. Through the visual evidence of devastated city, testimony of the survivors and the people’s lives still going on in the devastation, it vividly tells what global warming can bring to human beings.
Dobrin KASHAVELOV 도브린 카쉬아베로브
He received Bachelor Degree Program in Cinema and Television at the Faculty of Visual Arts at The New Bulgarian (NBU) in Sofia, Bulgaria. He’s been working as a photographer since 2006 and won the first prize for the short film Water in the competition for young filmmakers on the film festival eDIT – eDward The Young Filmmaker’s Award in 2010.
Director Dobrin KASHAVELOV
Country Bulgaria, Philippines
Year 2014
Running Time 13min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule