Gipsy in the Flower
꽃을 쫓는 집시
  • 국제 환경영화 경선
Synopsis This documentary is about a Chinese beekeeper's life. These beekeepers carry several
hundred thousand of bees across the entire China. The place they go is where the
flowers grow. They live in the mountain without television and any entertainment. They
get to know the outside of the world from the radio. They are the Gipsy who are
migrating around the flowers. Gipsy in the Flower is about a beekeeper family's story.
The main character, Ai-Ming, brings his wife, two-year-old child and younger brother
with dementia, to start the 10,000 miles migrant life......
Ju Anqi 주 안퀴
Director Ju Anqi
Country China
Year 2009
Running Time 60'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule