Futile Paradise (Mureung)
  • Nature meets Korean independent Cinema!
Program Note An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease occurs in a small town. A university professor investigating the livestock and slaughterhouses laments that the disease was caused by human actions, yet doesn’t practice vegetarianism himself. Meanwhile, five students come together to save a calf trapped in the university’s animal breeding facility, risking their safety. Before carrying out their plan, they enjoy mouth-watering samgyeopsal (pork belly) and soju to gather their courage. This film is a critical allegory about animal diseases and contemporary human eating culture.
SEO Wontae
Korean-born filmmaker and visual artist. His documentary Tony Rayns and a Quater Century of Korean Cinema was selected for the Wide Angle section at the Busan International Film Festival 2012. His first feature film Synching Blue was nominated for the Dragon and Tiger Competition at the Vancouver Film Festival 2008.
Director SEO Wontae
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 18min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule