Fruit Hunters
과일 원정대
  • 그린 파노라마
Synopsis You can find them hunting mangoes in Borneo, scouring Renaissance paintings for ancient, lost figs, or uncovering the secrets of tastebud-altering Miracle Fruit. The Fruit Hunters follows the adventures of those who are addicted to finding and eating the most exotic fruits in the world.
The documentary travels across history, nations and cultures to show us how intertwined we are with the fruits we eat. It follows different "hunters" in different environments each with their own mission, such as actor Bill Pullman on his crusade to create a community orchard in the Hollywood Hills or scientist Juan Aguilar who is trying to breed bananas that are resistant to a deadly fungus threatening the worldwide crop. The Fruit Hunters will not only change the way we look at what we're eating but also our connection and impact on the natural world.
Yung Chang 융 창
Director Yung Chang
Country Canada
Year 2012
Running Time 95'13''
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule