From the East
  • Retrospective SIEFF
Program Note "Screened at the 1st Seoul International Eco Film Festival.
Socialism has come to an end after the fall of the Berlin wall, the unification of Germany, and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. The director documents anonymous people and places on 16mm films through fixed and moving shots, travelling the cities and suburbs of East Europe, including Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, from the summer of 1992, to the winter of the next year.
Abstract images without the exact names of places, music, or narration, do not hold any stereotypes, or specific interpretation and suggest instantaneous senses that the places and people themselves give off. "
Chantal Akerman
Akerman was a pioneer in feminist and experimental filmmaking. Born to Holocaust survivors, she explored her own Jewish identity. She made over 40 films and is the most important European directors.
Director Chantal Akerman
Country Belgium, France, Portugal
Year 1993
Running Time 107min
Genre Documentary
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