From the Depths
깊은 곳에서
  • 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis A long night without an end, without seasons, without time. A secular labor that is both pride and curse. Kilometers of tunnels. Darkness. Black men. A woman. Patrizia, the only female miner in Italy, enters in a dialogue with a dead father, a never buried memory. The last 150 miners are ready to fight a war against the ‘upper’ world to prevent the already imminent closure of the mine.
Valentina PEDICINI 발렌티나 페디치니
Valentina PEDICINI was born in Brindisi in 1978. She studied Philology and Italian Linguistics and completed her studies with a research on the Apulian dialect in contemporary cinema. Her documentaries are selected for numerous national and international festivals. From the Depths was selected for the IDFAcademy, the Berlinale Talent Campus and it won the Premio Solinas 2012, Documentary for Cinema.
Director Valentina PEDICINI
Country Italy
Year 2014
Running Time 72min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule