Fred & Anabel
프레드와 애너벨
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis A cartoon about the story of an unusual friendship between a goose called Anabel and a cat called Fred. Adaptation of the homonymous book by Lena HESSE. Fred the feline and Anabel the goose are the best of farmyard friends, spending summer days romping through fields and swinging breezily from the trees. When autumn sends Anabel flying off with her flock, Fred is left longing all winter for his companion — but there’s always spring!
Ralf KUKULA 랄프 쿠쿨라
Ralf KUKULA was born in Dresden, attended Evening school in the Academy of Arts Dresden: Painting and Art Design from 1979 to 1981. He also attended Academy of Film and TV Babelsberg: Animation Studies and started working in DEFA-Studio of Animation Films Dresden: Animation as director and designer in 1987. He worked as a Freelance filmmaker in Selbständiger Filmemacher for 3 years. He is a managing director of Balance Film which he founded himself.
Director Ralf KUKULA
Country Germany
Year 2014
Running Time 8min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule