Forest Dancing
춤추는 숲
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Synopsis Residents in Sungmisan Village call each other with nicknames. To give a nickname to a person is to understand a person’s characteristics, so this community has been grounded in the mutual understanding and bonding of the village people. The tranquil village is located in the heart of Seoul, where ‘community’ seems no longer applicable and the residents have run the community through so-called ‘self-help’ and eco-friendly way of living. But in 2010, a private school foundation announced a plan to develop the mountain, which has been the center of village life and the plan would shake the ground of the community from the root. The residents are quick to respond to the threat to Sungmisan. While the fight to protect the village is grueling at times, the villagers attempt to overcome this challenge in their own, special way. A chronicle of exhilarating struggles to overturn our worn and old values.
KANG Seok-Pil 강석필
KANG graduated Seoul National University with political science major. He was a producer of Seoul Visual Collective and former programmer of DMZ Docs. Currently, he is a Board of Seoul Independent documentary Film and Video Festival. He produced On-Line: An Inside View of Korean Independent Film, Reclaiming Our Names, Oomealee, The Very First Step, The Border City and etc.
Director KANG Seok-Pil
Country Korea
Year 2012
Running Time 95min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule