Forbidden Fatherland
바다로 가자
  • Korean Competition
Synopsis The filmmaker in her mid-forties finds it difficult to understand her father. She has always felt a generation gap with her father who went through the most tumultuous time in Korean modern history since he was born in North Korea during the Japanese occupation and then single-handedly settled down in Busan after the Korean War. Yet she is trying to understand him as he now ails from old age and Parkinson’s disease. Subsequently she becomes interested in the fact that her father is from the beautiful seaside village of Dancheon-gun, South Hamgyeong-do. Facing the awkward reality of imagining her father’s hometown in North Korea as she reaches middle age, the filmmaker comes up with a plan to get there by sea.
KIM Lyang 김량
Influenced by her father, a displaced person, the filmmaker has been working on a divided nation and conflict project since 2010. As guest artist of the 2012 Artsonje Center’s ‘Real DMZ Project’, she launched her project with writings, photography and installation artwork highlighting the relationships that are initiated from conflict-ridden locations which she is now expanding on through documentary producing and directing.
Director KIM Lyang
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 76min
Genre Documentary
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NameKIM Lyang
Tel82 10 5721 8826