Flower of the Sea
바다 위의 꽃
  • 중남미 환경영화특별전
Synopsis On a remote Venezuelan island, a community of fishermen fights to protect the ruins of the first European city in South America. In 2007 President Chavez promised to revitalize the island by turning the ruins into a touristic attraction, but the funds for the project mysteriously vanished, leaving the fishermen without hope for the future.
Jorge Thielen ARMAND 호르헤 티엘렌 아르만드
Jorge Thielen ARMAND is the Director, Producer, Editor behind the documentary Flower of the Sea, currently in distribution. In 2014 Jorge was selected for the Hot Docs Doc Accelerator Program, the RIDM Talent Lab, and was commissioned by Canadian Heritage to direct the Toronto Now Mom documentary web series. As an emerging Venezuelan director, Jorge is interested in telling stories of marginalized communities in Latin America.
Director Jorge Thielen ARMAND
Country Venezuela
Year 2015
Running Time 25min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule