• 문명의 저편
Synopsis Gallus works in a factory where his job is to eat and get fat. He can’t wait for his turn to become fat enough to join the Fatvolution and fight the foxes. When he stumbles upon his chance to ascend as a chosen one, he realizes the ugly truth and cannot do anything even if he wants to.
NG Wei Sheng Adam, TAN Chen Ha 응 웨이 생 아담, 탄 첸 하오 켄
NG Wei Sheng Adam is extremely inspired by culture and history and believes there are many lessons to be learned from the past. He aims to be a director one day and translate these ideas into animations, a format many will enjoy. TAN Chen Hao Ken is a 3D designer, artist and animator. Beginning from a background in Multimedia and Animation, he further pursues his studies in the media discipline - animation arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.
Director NG Wei Sheng Adam, TAN Chen Ha
Country Singapore
Year 2015
Running Time 10min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule