Fast Fashion: The Real Price of Low-Cost Fashion
패스트 패션
  • While We Build the Ruins
Synopsis Creating a dress for ten euros in Europe, in less than a fortnight. It’s not only possible, but it’s becoming the norm. Since the fashion industry went down the path of fast-fashion, it’s always both faster and cheaper - no matter the consequences. According to the brands, they no longer have time to create. In order to satisfy an insatiable consumer appetite, copying the competition’s models makes things go faster and cheaper - even if it means risking a court case now and then.
Edouard PERRIN 에두아르 페랭
Perrin is currently a senior investigative journalist with Premières Lignes' Cash Investigation series.
Gilles BOVON 질 보봉
Bovon has been directing and editing films for the past 30 years. A seasoned filmmaker, he has directed 10+ award-winning documentary projects. A reporter for 25 years,
Director Edouard PERRIN, Gilles BOVON
Country France
Year 2021
Running Time 54min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameJAVA films