Farming on Concrete
콘크리트 위에서 시작한 우리의 농사
  • 포커스-다시 보는 농사
Synopsis When we stripped away the pavement and broke the concrete to start farming in the city, what we could only find was water and sewage pipes, gas pipes and electric wires to maintain the city but not the 'soil'. That's why we poured the soil on the concrete then built the rice paddy.
LEE Jiyeon, JANG Yeonghoon 이지연, 장영훈
LEE Jiyeon is currently a student at Haja Production School./JANG Yeonghoon graduated from the same school in 2015.
Director LEE Jiyeon, JANG Yeonghoon
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 12min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule