Fall Out
  • 그린파노라마-오래된 미래
Synopsis It is well known that man has tried for long to control nature in all of its aspects to improve whole areas of our planet. This had leaded us to think that technology is one of the laic dogmas on which to found our future. In technology, everything depends upon the modalities and the aims for which it is used. However, nature remains unpredictable so much that the order so hardly built can be destroyed in a moment.
Marcantonio LUNARDI 마르칸토니오 루나르디
Marcantonio LUNARDI was born in Lucca in 1968. Since 2001 he has been working in social and political documentation in the field of Media Art, creating installations, documentaries and video-art works.
Director Marcantonio LUNARDI
Country Italy
Year 2013
Running Time 4min
Genre Experimental
Screening Schedule