Ernst Gamperl: Wood
나무의 작가, 에른스트 갬펄
  • 그린 파노라마
Synopsis The short film “Ernst Gamperl: Wood” describes the current work of the internationally acclaimed German wood turner. The independent filmmaker Nilkas Goslar accompanied the artist for the last three years. During these years the wood turner had begun working on the largest tree he ever acquired, moved his workshop from Lake Garda in Italy to the foothills of the Alps in Bavaria and held exhibitions in Europe and Asia. The short film portrays the artist and his work in close detail. The film acts as a preview of a long-term documentary on the artist scheduled for spring 2015.
Niklas Goslar 니클라스 고스라르
Director Niklas Goslar
Country Germany
Year 2013
Running Time 23'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule