End Memory (Impromptu)
엔드 메모리 (즉흥)
Synopsis About ends and memory, the end of an era. I film to remember: the end of a summer, of a family, a last trip to Vermont before a separation, grandparents getting older.... I film impromptu, dissolving and fading in the camera. At night I hand-develop the film in a beaker. It sticks together and stains, leaving traces and holes that only add to the nostalgia. I leave the film as is, adding only some improvised music, which by its minor harmonies and discordances goes well with the faded, stained pictures.
Pip CHODOROV 핍 초도로프
Born April 13, 1965 in New York, USA. Filmmaking and music composition since 1972. Studied cognitive science at the University of Rochester, NY and film semiotics at the University of Paris 3, France. Work in film distribution - Orion Classics, NYC; UGC, Paris; Light Cone, Paris; and, currently, Re:Voir Video, Paris, which he founded in 1994 (www.re-voir.com) and The Film Gallery, the first art gallery devoted exclusively to experimental film (www.film-gallery.org). He is co-founder of L'Abominable, a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab in Paris, and the moderator of the internet-based forum on experimental film, FrameWorks. He is also known for Charlemagne 2: Piltzer (2002), A Visit to Stan Brakhage (2003), Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2011). Since 2013 he has been Associate Professor of Cinema at Dongguk University in Seoul.
Director Pip CHODOROV
Country USA
Year 1995
Running Time 5min
Genre Experimental
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