Emptying the Skies
텅 빈 하늘
  • 공존의 삶
Synopsis Based on a magazine essay written in The New Yorker by best-selling novelist Jonathan FRANZEN and republished around the world, Emptying the Skies explores the wonder of migratory songbirds in the Mediterranean, millions of which are unlawfully slaughtered each year for large sums on the black market, and follows an intrepid squad of pan-European birdlovers who risk their lives waging a secret war against poachers.
Douglas KASS, Roger KASS 더글라스 카스, 로저 카스
Douglas KASS was born in Mt Kisco, NY, USA (1963). He is an adjunct professor of Filmmaking and Film Studies at Elon University. Emptying the Skies is his first feature-length film. Roger KASS was born in Mt. Kisco, NY, USA (1962). He is a producer of motion pictures which include multi-Oscar and Golden Globe nominee A History of Violence (2005) directed by David CRONENBERG, Ti WEST’s The House of the Devil (2009) and others.
Director Douglas KASS, Roger KASS
Country USA
Year 2013
Running Time 78min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule