Earth's Women
땅의 여자
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis is a story about three women who have been friends since their college days, and found a home in rural communities despite their urban backgrounds. Kang Sun Hee has always dreamed of becoming a peasant activist since her college days. Byun Eun Joo came to live in the country following her campus couple husband, and So Hee Ju was born rich but fascinated by a sound rural life during her university activity. However, farming has made their hands dark and rough, and the engagement in the peasants movement meant more days for their children to wait for their mother. What they have dreamed of was the life of a farmer, but in reality it was not an easy life to lead. And moreover, they had to be a wife, a mother, and a daughter-in-law, too.
This documentary follows their lives for more than a year, which are the lives not only of a 'peasant' but also of a 'woman', two of the ever-marginalized names in this land.
Kwon Woo-jung 권우정
Director Kwon Woo-jung
Country Korea
Year 2009
Running Time 95'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule