Earth's Children
대지의 아이들
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Jorge TAPULLIMA is a Kechwa-Lamista community child. He lives in Chiriqyako, in the Peruvian Amazon. In the morning, Jorge has the habit of going to pick bananas for breakfast, cooked by his mother. Moreover, he and his friends walk to their farm as they sing and play with. Jorge shows us his every day in Chiriqyako.
Diego SARMIENTO 디에고 사르미엔토
Diego SARMIENTO is the co-founder of HDPERU. He studied Film and TV Production in Peru and he has an executive production certified in Colombia. Recently, he directed the documentary Earth´s Children, and Rancas, from a Long Time Ago received Best Documentary in Lima Film Festival 2013.
Director Diego SARMIENTO
Country Peru
Year 2014
Running Time 15min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule