Earthbound: Nzambi Matee
  • The Life of Action-ists
Program Note The world’s largest landfill where more than 2,000 tons of waste is disposed daily is located in Dandora, a slum area in Nairobi, Kenya. The neighborhood is overwhelmed with mountains of trash imported from advanced nations such as the U.S., Japan and Germany. Material scientist Nzambi MATEE comes up with the ingenious idea to create sustainable paving bricks from plastic waste and sand which causes a wave in the construction industry. This film highlights the issue of environmental racism as well as the potential and power of the individual.
Farhoud Meybodi
Farhoud has collaborated on projects that have been seen over two billion times, raised millions for terminal illness research, and helped overturn an unjust Presidential Executive Order in the US.
Director Farhoud Meybodi
Country Kenya, USA, Japan
Year 2022
Running Time 47min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule