먼지의 세계
  • International Competition
Synopsis Several billion tons of earth are moved annually by humans - with shovels, excavators or dynamite. Nikolaus GEYRHALTER observes people, in mines, quarries and at large construction sites, engaged in a constant struggle to take possession of the planet.
Nikolaus GEYRHALTER 니콜라우스 가이어할터
Nikolaus GEYRHALTER founded NGF(NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER FILMPRODUKTION) in 1994, and adding Markus GLASER, Michael KITZBERGER and Wolfgang WIDERHOFER as shareholders in 2003, NGF produces documentary and fiction features and series for cinema and TV. They have won numerous awards and have been shown all over the world.
Director Nikolaus GEYRHALTER
Country Austria
Year 2019
Running Time 116min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule