Dusk Chorus - based on 'Fragments of Extinction'
황혼의 코러스
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Synopsis Follow the eco-acoustic composer David MONACCHI on his quest to register a pure continuos 3D soundscape in the far away forgotten world of Ecuadorian primary rainforests. A unique experience of listening to the imprints of the disappearing sonic heritage of millions of years of evolution.
Nika ŠARAVANJA, Alessandro D’EMILIA 니카 사라반야, 알레싼드로 디에밀리아
ŠARAVANJA was born in 1985 in Croatia. Her work has been based on photography but now she started experimenting with film, a common passion that she discovered while traveling. D’EMILIA (b.1988) developed a strong interest in the audiovisual sector, in particular remain fascinated by the mysteries of nature and the unexplored places.
Director Nika ŠARAVANJA, Alessandro D’EMILIA
Country Italy
Year 2016
Running Time 62min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule