• 한국환경영화의 흐름-포커스
Synopsis The summer of 2009, famers of Paldang were spending a peaceful afternoon when the government suddenly blamed organic farming for severely polluting the waters with the announcement of the ‘4 Major Rivers Project’ master plan as well as a plan to build bicycle roads and parks on the Paldang ‘Dumulmeori’ organic farming area. For the past 30 years, the farmers of Paldang leased the riverside farmland once expropriated by the government and created an organic farming area. In order to protect water sources, the farmers banned all chemical fertilizers and agricultural pesticides. This film is about these organic farmers accused of polluting the waters and their 40 month struggle against the project to protect their farming land.
SEO Dong-Il 서동일
He studied English Literature at Kookmin Unversity. He then went on to work at LG Telecom from 1998 to 2004 until he left the company to direct documentary films Pink Palace (2005) and Big Girl, Little Girl and a Guy in Between (2008). He recently completed Dumulmeori (2013), a film documenting the Paldang farmers’ struggle against the 4 Major Rivers Project.
Director SEO Dong-Il
Country Korea
Year 2013
Running Time 95min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule