Drifting Woods
  • The Passion of Mountain, Earth and Water
Program Note This is a feature-length documentary by Pia RÖNICKE, who was invited to the 2022 Busan Biennale to present a media art piece on “forests.” Through the history of Swedish forests, the film presents a very philosophical and tantalizing portrayal of the relationship between humans and organisms living in the forest. The film also touches on the broad historical representation of forest exploitation since the start of World War II.
Pia Rönicke
Rönicke is an artist based in Copenhagen. In her recent work, she follows the temporalities of drifting forests and the migration of plants, that shows traces of colonial and geopolitical conditions.
Director Pia Rönicke
Country Sweden, Denmark
Year 2023
Running Time 100min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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NamePia rönicke