Dolphin Man
그랑블루: 자크 마욜의 삶
  • 꿈꾸는 사람들
Synopsis Dolphin Man tells the extraordinary story and legacy of free-diver Jacques MAYOL, whose life became the inspiration for Luc BESSON’s cultmovie Le Grand Bleu . The film draws us into MAYOL’s world, capturing his compelling journey from Japan to Europe, India and the Bahamas, while immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of freediving.
Lefteris CHARITOS 레프테리스 차리토스
Lefteris CHARITOS studied film at Royal College of Arts in London. He has directed several fiction and non-fiction series for Greek television. Dolphin Man is his first feature length documentary. He has been the Digital Film Production Coordinator at the SAE Creative Media College in Athens.
Director Lefteris CHARITOS
Country Greece, Canada, France, Japan
Year 2017
Running Time 80min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule