Dog Star Man
도그 스타 맨
Synopsis “Dog Star Man is one of the most important works of the 1960s American avant-garde cinema. It is an epic visionary film structured in a prelude and four parts. Superimposing up to four layers of images, adding other layers of direct manipulation through painting and scratching, BRAKHAGE weaves a complex story of the mythical Dog Star Man. The film describes at the same time a story of survival, a myth of creation, and a spiritual quest. For the film theorist P. Adams SITNEY it is a lyrical film with its roots in Romantic poetry, “describing the birth of consciousness, the cycle of the seasons, man’s struggle with nature and sexual balance.”With multiple superimpositions, rapidly repeated zooms, negative to positive imagery, prism effects, flash frames, edge flares, cut outs, scratching and painting on the film itself, time lapses and anamorphic twists, he created a tapestry of constantly moving imagery within a phenomenological space. Images of clouds and mist, ice and snow, the sun and the moon; red flames, blue ice, and flaring film edges; man, woman and child; a beating heart and circling blood cells; the chopping of the tree and the movements of the stars: all were woven together with rapid camera movement and rapid cutting into the streaming and beating rhythms that create an overall metaphor for Life itself.” – Marilyn BRAKHAGE
Stan BRAKHAGE 스탠 브래키지
Director Stan BRAKHAGE
Country USA
Year 1961-1964
Running Time 75min
Genre Experimental
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NameLight Cone
Tel33 1 46 59 01 53