Diving Horses
다이빙 호스
  • The Playground Named Earth
Synopsis At Magic Forest Park, Lightning the old horse perpetuates an ancient fair tradition by performing a "Diving Show" of which he is the last representative. Around him, a theme park stuck somewhere in an image of the old fashioned American dream, and a few employees who try to maintain the fragile balance that allows them to exist together out of time and of the world. Entirely shot in the park, the film captures the moments of grace created by this place and its people in their joint effort not to disappear.
Camille GROSPERRIN 카미유 그로스페랭
Born near Paris in 1988, lives and works in the countryside, in the mountains of the center of France.
Director Camille GROSPERRIN
Country France
Year 2020
Running Time 60min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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