• Environmental, Social, and Governance
Program Note Palawan Island, located in the southwest of the Philippines, has emerged as a new Asian tourist destination due to its beautiful tropical rainforest inhabited by diverse flora and fauna, white sandy beaches, and dense forests. However, illegal environmental crimes such as logging, fishing, and mining continue unabated, and environmental lawyer Bobby, environmental activist Tata, and female mayor Nieves struggle to protect Palawan from the pressure and threats of the Duterte regime. The title of the film, Delikado, meaning “danger” in Filipino, strikingly illustrates the situation of the three individuals fighting against the government and corporations and the reality of Palawan being destroyed amidst urbanization and tourism development.
Karl Malakunas
Karl is a filmmaker and journalist covering environmental issues based in Asia for 20 years. Karl is the Asia-Pacific Deputy-Editor-In-Chief for Agence France-Presse based in Hong Kong.
Director Karl Malakunas
Country US, Philippines, UK, Australia, Hong Kong
Year 2022
Running Time 94min
Genre Documentary
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