Death in Wonderland
이상한 나라의 죽음
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Synopsis A man who lost his wife and his baby that was to be born, all at once. A couple that had to lose their beloved son in one day he was taken to the emergency room. A fourteen-year-old boy that makes sure he has his oxygen tank before his book bag... This documentary follows back to the past five years of the families that's become a victim due to the humidifier disinfectant to give ear to their outcry and pain.
KIM Min-ji 김민지
KIM won the Second Prize at the Seoul Independent Film Festival for her feature documentary, The Way to School in 2012. She is currently working at public educational TV channel EBS as a producer where she develops, directs and produces documentaries for TV.
Director KIM Min-ji
Country Korea
Year 2016
Running Time 39min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule