Dead Ducks
데드 덕스
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis This film is a short operatic comedy inspired by the true story of the 1600 ducks that landed onthe pond in Alberta during their spring migration in 2008 and perished in a mass of toxic bitumen.
Weaving an innovative mix of fictionalized enactment, stunning animation, documentary footage and a gorgeous orchestral score, this film explores the complex collision of oil culture with the natural world
Brenda LONGFELLOW 브렌다 롱펠로우
Brenda LONGFELLOW is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and film theorist in the Department of Film of York University, Toronto. She has published numerous articles on feminist film theory and Canadian cinema in CineTracts, Screen , and the Journal of Canadian Film Studies.
Director Brenda LONGFELLOW
Country Canada
Year 2012
Running Time 18’52”
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule