Dark Side of the Chew
껌의 어두운 진실
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis It's the world’s second most common form of litter. It’s invisible to most. Yet it lurks everywhere (including the bottoms of tables, desks and shoes). How did we become so addicted to chewing gum and how is our consumption of trillions of sticks a year impacting our health and our planet?
Andrew NISKER 앤드류 니스커
Andrew NISKER is a filmmaker, author and activist. He graduated from York University’s film school and then signed a first-look deal with Broadway Video. He worked as a director for lifestyle and documentary television for networks. He also began producing and directing full-length documentary films of his own, many of which focus on environmental issues. He is also the founder of the film distributor Take Action Films and a board member for Planet In Focus and Film Festival.
Director Andrew NISKER
Country Canada
Year 2014
Running Time 61min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule