Dare To Be Wild
데어 투 비 와일드
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Synopsis From the green hills of Ireland to the desert highlands of Africa, to London’s Chelsea, DARE TO BE WILD, is a romantic adventure based on the against-all-odds true story of Mary REYNOLDS, a modern-day heroine, whose quest is to show the world the power of wild nature as she reaches for her dreams - one garden, one vast desert, at a time.
Vivienne De COURCY 비비엔느 드 커시
Vivienne De COURCY is an Irish writer, director and environmentalist whose goal is to change the world through the medium of powerful films which elevate the human spirit and inspire people to act. She has written 17 screenplays on various humanity related themes. After years as a corporate finance attorney in Chicago while working projects like Art and the Brain, and the CLINTON Campaign for President.
Director Vivienne De COURCY
Country Ireland
Year 2014
Running Time 98min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule